Reading Spot: The Wallace Collection

If you ever wanted to read in opulent 18th Century rooms then Hertford House, commonly known as The Wallace Collection (the collection of art it houses) is a spot for you. Sadly I didn't have my camera with me, so all are iPhone photos which are okay, I'm just not sure it does the place justice but needs must. 


First off, it's a museum boasting one of Europe's finest collections of art, sculpture, the works. Second, it's truly stunning and third, it's really quiet. Disclaimer - on weekends I can imagine it's fairly busy but not British museum levels of busy. I hadn't even heard of it until my housemate's mother recommended it but I'm glad she did. A true hidden gem of London. 


Each room, and there are many, is a riot of colour and splendour. And you'll be stuck to choose your favourite as each is more lavish than the last. I would, however, love to host a party in the ballroom but then wouldn't we all?! 

Wallace Collection.jpg
Wallace Colelction 3.jpg

There is just so much to marvel at as you walk round, the chandeliers, the writing desks, the textiles - gorgeous the whole lot. No wonder people get married here. 


It also has a decent cafe in a sunny conservatory so meet for brunch first then, enjoy the wonders. I had a delicious avocado on toast with cherry tomatoes and Mum had an egg salad sandwich, decent nosh. 

So if you are after somewhere new in London I would thoroughly recommend stopping by.