Getting through January

It's a gloomy January day as I type and there's nothing more I want to do than curl up with a pot of tea and a book. And I'm sure I'm not alone. January tends to be a blue month and the feeling is to hunker down and never leave the sofa. No wonder Hygge became such a thing. A little bit of warmth and comfort is exactly the antidote we need. So here are some of bits and bobs making my January a little brighter. 

bethnal green library
bethnal green library 2

Libraries. Turns out London has some pretty great ones. This is the gorgeous entrance hall (that parquet flooring!) to the Bethnal Green Library which sits inside an originally Victorian building. It was transformed into a Library in the 20's so there are some wonderfully art deco features if books alone aren't enough of a reason. My love of old buildings has me visiting on the regular. It's also within reasonable walking distance of my home so helps drag me away from my beloved sofa. If you can, find your local library, get yourself signed up and enjoy those dust jackets. 

Cookbooks 2.jpg

Cookbooks. I was over the moon to receive the new Anna Jones for Christmas. After spending a good few hours salivating and saying 'god that looks yummy' over and over again - I'm totally sold. Its got me itching to get back in the kitchen cooking something new and the perfect excuse to get some friends over. 100% Hygge. 


Boxsets. Because let's face it, if you live in Britain, like I do, some days feel as if the sun couldn't even be bothered to show up and even a short trek to the pub would result in a drenching, Netflix et al are your best friend. The shows I've been loving recently;

  • Godless - I loved this series, I didn't really know what to expect from it but found myself hooked. Set in 1800's Wild West, it's centred around the town of La Belle which is made up almost entirely of women due to a mining accident. It follows the story of some outlaw cowboys and their encounter with this town. It's fairly violent as it's cowboys being cowboys but if you don't mind all that then worth a watch. Also Jack O'Connell is in it and he is *insert praise hands emoji* (Netflix) 


  • Big Little Lies - such a brilliantly produced series based on the book of the same name and truly deserving of it's recent wins at the Golden Globes. More to come on the award front I'm sure. It deals with everything from modern day motherhood to domestic abuse and though harrowing to watch at times due to the abusive violence, it's important these stories are told. (Sky/HBO) 


  • Peaky Blinders - this won't be everyone's cup of tea as it's about a dapperly dressed Birmingham gang fronted by the Shelby Family. Thomas Shelby, played by Cillian Murphy, is a complicated mystery of a man that looks bloody great in a three piece suit. I adore this show. The final episode of the latest series had me on the edge of my seat, wildly gesticulating and shouting "No way!" The first three series are now on Netflix so make yourself a cup of tea and get stuck in. (BBC/Netflix)


  • Little Women - not technically a boxset but some seriously good television. It was so beautifully done, the locations and costumes were second to none and it was a gorgeous adaptation of a well-loved classic. (BBC)