A Love Story or Two...

Happy Valentine's day to you! Regardless of opinions for this day there's nothing wrong with spreading the love...

I'm not a huge reader of traditional love stories but I'll happily read a romping Jilly Cooper any day. If you haven't read any Jilly Cooper, (start with Riders) it's full of countryside, sex and horses, what's not to love? Catherine Alliott is another good'un when it comes to countryside love affairs, though not quite as detailed as Madam Cooper.

Aside from romps in the countryside, I do have a couple of books that you can class as a love story. The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets, Eva Rice is possibly one of my favourite books of all time, mostly due to the characters and writing but it also has a satisfyingly happy ending. If I'm feeling a bit low then this is such a comforting book. London in the 50's with glamorous parties, an eccentric Aunt, a handsome magician and a crumbling country house - its got it all. 

Another less straight forward 'love story' is The Outcast, Sadie Jones - it's a tense book with a lot of hurt at the centre of the novel whilst dealing with all the complications of love. It's not exactly a 'they all live happily ever after' but there is a huge sense of resolution at the close. Also the BBC adaptation from a couple of years ago was spectacular. 

And last but not least, A God in Ruins, Kate Atkinson - again not the traditional walking into the sunset hand in hand but rather a story about the many versions of love in one lifetime. The story follows Teddy Todd as a husband, father and grandfather and all that those roles bring. It's a beautiful read that leaves you feeling warm and fuzzy.

Also if you haven't read Dolly Alderton's, Everything I Know About Love yet, then go buy it now. You will, without a doubt, recognise your own love education within those pages and laugh, cry and cringe at how we all have to go through that wonderfully hormonal driven time. I repeat buy it now. 

Happy Valentine's Day!!