Bookshop: John Sandoe Books Ltd

One of the first places I was recommended upon moving to London was the bookshop John Sandoe. Set just off the King's Road, it is a real bookworm destination. I'm not a frequent visitor to the West of London but I will make the trip for this gorgeous shop. Most will have heard of it and if you haven't you are in for a real treat. It's pretty much everything you want a bookshop to be and without trying to sound too gushy, it's definitely my favourite bookshop in London. 

John Sandoe 3.jpg
John Sandoe.jpg

Exposed floorboards and many a Persian rug create a wonderfully homey vibe and little nooks with a cushion or two just scream at you to sit down and read a page or a hundred. One of the best features are the moving shelves (not quite Harry Potter but close), for anyone wondering how you can fit more books in then these shelves are your answer. It creates a wonderful maze for you to get truly lost in. 


I could spend a whole day in this shop, curled up like a cat... happy days. 


So if you are looking for a new bookshop to discover in London or happen to be in the area then it's worth popping in, even if not to shop but just to marvel and you'll probably find me in the corner doing just that.