Non-Fiction: Pretty Honest & Pretty Iconic

I worship at the beauty shrine of Sali Hughes and Caroline Hirons. If they say something is decent enough to put on your face then I put it on my face. If you haven't discovered these stalwarts of the beauty industry then you are in for a treat. Caroline Hirons is the reason I own twenty flannels and Sali Hughes, the reason I own way more than twenty lipsticks. 

Sali Hughes is a journalist, writing about everything in the beauty world and has recently started an amazing campaign, Beauty Banks (read all about it here on The Pool) to help bring toiletries to those in need. As well as her day job she has also written two gorgeous books that I often pull off the shelf and read snippets from. Sadly Caroline Hirons doesn't have a book but her blog will more than keep you busy. (If you don't double cleanse, you must and you must ditch the face wipes now) So today, I'm going to wax lyrical about Sali's two gorgeous books: Pretty Honest and Pretty Iconic

Pretty Honest 1
Pretty Honest 2

My best friend Soph introduced me to Sali Hughes and also managed to get my Pretty Honest book signed which I still swoon over whenever I open the book. I was always the one at Uni volunteering to do everyone's hair or make-up for a night out, something I often enjoyed more than the night out! 

Pretty Honest is an essential read de-mystifying beauty myths as well as breaking down those awkward hairdressing/beauty counter moments where no matter how confident you are, you sign away control of your life to the person who seemingly knows better. Sali likes to remind us that it is indeed our hair and our face and you really do know yourself better than the stranger telling you to try something new. 

The book is also a wonderfully comprehensive instruction manual in getting to know your skin better. It helps categorise skin types for you to mull over as well as laying down the foundations for your own skincare regime. 

Pretty Honest 3

Though it isn't all about skincare, it's a gorgeous exploration into all aspects of beauty from gift giving to plastic surgery, it covers it ALL. 

Pretty Iconic, is a love letter to all those classic products we've come to know and love. For me, one of the most emotive inclusions is Rive Gauche, a classic YSL perfume. This is what my Mum has been wearing for years and years. There's a huge comfort in that smell for me and that is what makes this book so brilliant. Everyone will have a moment, no doubt several moments reading this book when the product on the page will conjure vivid memories. Seriously lovely stuff. 

Pretty Iconic

I could ramble on and on about both books but I won't, I'll let you discover them for yourself. They are beautiful presents to give even to the most knowledgable beauty lover and sit rather prettily atop a coffee table or the bookshelf.