My Book Wishlist (a selection of)

Now this needs a disclaimer. There are hundreds of books on my Wishlist - the publishers keep publishing and I keep on adding. BUT this is a list of the books that I have lusted over for sometime and just haven’t purchased. Be it cost or I have the paperback version or that I don’t need another coffee table book when I’m a few months away from moving out and about to not have a coffee table, you get my drift, some books you have to wait for. And this is them… 


East London Food, Rosie Birkett 
Being an East-ender this is a fairly handy book and the cover is really, really pretty. I love the grey version with the gold embossing. Not only does it divulge all the trendy places to go but how to cook signature dishes at home. Holding out that this will make an appearance on my birthday or Christmas one year. 


The Art of Simple Food (I & II) , Alice Waters 
This is a stalwart in any cooks kitchen but especially brilliant for the home cook. I don’t have dreams of being a Michelin star chef but I do love cooking at home for friends and family, so anything that helps me better the basics I’m pretty keen to get my hands on. 


The World Atlas of Wine, Hugh Johnson & Janis Robinson
I love wine. I really do but I also want to know more about it. I have some basic knowledge but I love the idea of this book, laying it out geographically as often that is where I fall down, tending to stick to the regions I know. I think this is the sort of book one enjoys with glass in hand. 


Vogue: the Gown, Jo Ellison 
I’ve often flicked through this in bookshops and it’s a stunning book. One day when I have a glamorous coffee table to rest it on, I’ll finally take it home. 


The New York Times: Explorer - Beaches, Islands and Coasts
I have a feeling this book may have me packing my bags and running to the airport. 

Sarah Tebb