Birthday Books!

What with moving out of London and packing my life into boxes I’ve been somewhat slack with the blogging. I apologise and am happy to report that I’m now back into the swing of things. 

The phrase better late than never thoroughly applies to this post as it is about the generously gifted books I received for my birthday. My birthday was in March! But let’s not dwell on that, let’s talk about the lovely gifts I got. 


I’ve always struggled with poetry since being bored to death by it in school but one of my best friends is determined to change that. One of the lovely books I received was actually a book of poetry. Wendy Cope’s Two Cures For Love in fact and it is sublime. It’s real life poetry that I can understand and enjoy. Walking over Waterloo Bridge and little drunk and a little in love - 100% been there, done that. I’m so happy my best friend gave me this as it has sparked a new interest in Poetry for me and while I know it won’t feature as heavily as novels, I feel less afraid of giving it a go. 


Presents are often an indication to just how well your friends and family know you and  What She Ate, Laura Shapiro does just that. Such a wonderful book!  As someone who loves food, this is right up my street. It’s a book all about six famous women through the lens of food and cooking and it’s brilliant. Everyone eats and it’s an wonderfully intimate way of getting to know someone. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading a chapter here and there in between other books. A good’un for any foodie. 


Next up is The Martian, Andy Weir. I just loved the film of this. Such a clever idea and incredibly emotive. I’m not a huge sci-fi fan but this is accessible sci-fi. It is set on Mars but it’s more to do with human instinct and our ability to survive rather than aliens. In fact there are no aliens or outer worldly beings, just one man stuck on Mars. 


Another lovely little book I received was Weird Things Customers Say In Bookshops, Jen Campbell. This is a funny little book collecting all the strange conversations that have been had in bookshops. It is hilarious. A fun one to receive as a present. 


And last but not least, not quite a book but book themed, I received this lovely little pin from a dear friend of mine. It says ‘I believe in Tea and Books’ which is absolutely true and I would be lost without them. It went straight onto my Barbour jacket and shall stay there forever.