Lordington Lavender

Last Saturday we made our way to the Lordington Lavender Field, nestled in the South Downs. Open for just a week every year, Lordington invites you in to enjoy the purple splendour before it's harvested. It's a wonderful way to spend a morning, the bees were buzzing and the gorgeous scent made for a lovely time. The intensity of the purple field could be seen as you made your way down the slope towards the field - it really is a gorgeous sight. It's not an all day event unless you took your picnic but a nice way to spend an hour and it helps the farm bring in some extra revenue. They also sell their own lavender oil, hand cream etc and they had a beautiful stall set up where you could purchase the goodies, complete with bunting. Alongside was the Tea Tent, a must have at any event, which was piled high with home made cakes. We walked up and down, down and up enjoying ourselves, trying to capture the bees on the camera and then when we had had our lavender fill, walked down to the local pub for lunch. All very civilised.