Podcasts I’m loving right now… 

Believe it or not I don’t have my nose in a book 24/7, as much as I wish I could, so when I’m not reading I’ll be listening to a podcast or two. One of my first posts was about what I’ve been filling my ears with and it’s moved along a bit since then so I thought I would update you with what has been keeping me company on long journeys in the car or on the train. Side note, I’m still listening and loving the High Low Show, it is an essential listen and a great place to start if still haven’t dipped your toe in the podcast pool. 



  • Raw Milk, the Creative Business Podcast, Beth Kirby
    Fairly new to the scene, having kicked off in May, I recently discovered this after seeing that Sara Tasker had been interviewed. For those who don’t know Sara Tasker, she is an Instagram wizard and creative soul, she goes by the name of Me and Orla and actually has her own podcast which I also listen to religiously. After having been pulled in by this episode, I’ve queued up all the rest to binge listen. Beth the lady behind The Local Milk blog is equally a big name on social media and this podcast is dedicated to sharing some insight from creative entrepreneurs, business owners, the lot. I fully recommend this if you day dream of doing something similar. 
  • There are other ways, Fiona Barrows
    Another wonderful podcast for those looking for a way to do it differently when it comes to careers as well as general day to day life. It’s all about those who have been brave enough to decide to do it their way. Like listening to your friends having a natter, this is a cosy, calm series that has the ability to inspire. 
  • Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness
    If you haven’t watched Queer Eye on Netflix, then do so now. If you haven’t fallen in love with JVN, then do so now. And to keep that love alive, listen to his podcast. He’s a curious cat and ask ALL the experts to come on and talk about topics we all need to know more about, from what’s going on in Saudi Arabia to cutting Suicide rates among LGBTQ youth - all important stuff. How can we be less rude to Bees? Is one of my personal favourites. 

  • The Fringe of It, Liv Purvis and Charlotte Jacklin
    Another one where it feels like you are listening to your pals having a natter about what they've been up to. I love listening to these two discuss what they've been watching and buying and then dive deep into a chosen topic which have ranged from career beginnings to body image. It works because they are such good friends, don't feel afraid to disagree with each other and are open with their own experiences and feelings. Love these gals. 
  • Feel Better, Live More, Dr Chatterjee
    “Health has become overcomplicated. I aim to simplify” and he really really does. In a world where one day red wine has the ability to cure disease and the next day gives you disease, it’s hard to know what’s fact and what is fiction. This podcast has been so refreshingly uncomplicated. Talking about food and the body in a non-patronising, informative way. If you are feeling a bit stuck or overwhelmed with the whole what can I put in my body then this is a good one for you. 


  • FT Money Show
    Now this for some will be fairly boring BUT if you are at all like me and completely clueless about money then this will seriously open your eyes to the whole financial system that, well let’s face it, runs the world. It feels a little like homework but very very necessary. You’ll finally feel a little smug when you are at a dinner party and someone brings up the latest on Bitcoin and you can chip in with some regurgitated tidbit.