8 facts about me...

Because I feel like you may want to know more about the human behind these words. I originally wanted to do ten but I was struggling! I really enjoy reading these from other people so thought I would join in the fun. 

1. I can lick my elbow. And yes it's my party trick.

2. The reason I read is to share. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than passing a book on to a friend knowing they will enjoy it and there's even more joy from when that friend says I've passed it on to so and so because I think they will love it too. It's about community. 

3. I can talk for Britain. Truly, truly I can natter until the cows come home and go back again. I have my quiet moments but normally I then get asked if I'm alright because no one is used to me not contributing. There is nothing more I love than having a good old chat with friends. 

4. When I was fifteen years old my dad died of a heart attack. The worst day of my life. As I'm a talker I'm fully open about this and love talking about my dad as it keeps him alive in our memories. Grief, though is a bitch and talking about it is the most important thing to do. I'm lucky that it comes naturally to me but if it doesn't you must share your feelings, otherwise it will tear you up inside. 

5. I’m really good at making fires. In a non-violent way. I'm talking about wood burners, beach BBQs that sort of thing. If we ever get stuck in the wilderness together then don’t worry I’ll be able to keep us warm. 

6. I studied English with Ancient History at Uni. I started just doing Ancient History as I thought it would be all goddesses and emperors - it is that but also a lot of latin and greek which I didn’t enjoy. I was able to pick up English and well naturally I loved it. However it turned out to be a great mix as I could pick and choose from a great pool of modules and one of my favourites was Food and Medicine in Antiquity which was fascinating. If in doubt rub honey on it was the way to do things in those days. 

7. I don't wear jeans. Or trousers in general. I have one pair of baggy harem style trousers that are my favourite slobbing outfit but other than that it's all dresses and skirts baby! 

8. My absolute favourite foods on this planet are: British Strawberries - if they are home-grown all the better, Cheese - all varieties, Tomatoes - tomatoey pasta with a shed load of garlic, doesn't get any better than that for me.