Food & Books, Books & Food

As you know by now I love both and I couldn't possibly choose between the two, please don't make me. What I will compromise on is a book about food. Not a straight up cookbook, either food fiction or a foodie memior that sort of thing. Whilst I do love cookbooks and do read them from cover to cover, nothing beats a bit of foo fiction. The best and my favourite example would be Delicious by Ruth Reichl. In a way, for me, it is the perfect novel. It's got food, love, family and an enticing setting. Seriously how could you not love that? 

So I'm going to cover my favourite foodie books that are not only great reads but are tantalising on the tastebuds... warning I wouldn't read these books hungry. The description of the cheese counter alone in Delicious had me salivating! 

Delicious, Ruth Reichl
I don't say this lightly but I think this maybe the perfect novel. For me at least anyway. I waxed lyrical about this book ever since I raced through it but I can do so some more. It's based around food, family, love and being young. A young girl takes herself off to New York City to work for a food magazine and the story unfolds from there. The descriptions are as lavish as a Tudor banquet and the characters truly loveable. This book will lift your spirits and leave you feeling warm and fuzzy inside and there's nothing wrong with that. 

Garlic and Sapphires, Ruth Reichl
Because of how much I fell for Delicious, I wanted to consume more of Reichl's writing. Turns out the reason Reichl can make food come alive in writing is due to her experiences as a world renowned food critic. This memoir describes her time when she was THE New York Times Food Critic and the hilarious lengths to which she went to disguise herself. Another brilliant book. 

Heartburn, Nora Ephron
Some of you will know that I read this very recently and my gosh what a wonderful book. Super short book packed to the brim with emotion and heartbreak but also food. It's a semi-autobiographical account of the breakdown of her marriage with a few recipes thrown in for good measure. Reading this book is good for the soul. 

That Part Was True, Deborah McKinlay
Another jam packed recipe central story. Fiction this time, a tale that weaves together two characters through their mutual love of food. It's an easy read for a sunny afternoon that will make you want to cook.  

Have you got any favourite foodie books? Let me know below! Happy Reading