Coming Soon: Kate Atkinson, Transcription

Sometimes you come across an author that you completely gel with and it feels as if they have written this book just for you - that’s how satisfied you are with their writing. Kate Atkinson is that author for me. This is most likely going to turn into a lyrical gushing about how much I love Kate Atkinson. So bear with. For me, she just never disappoints. I’ve read the majority of her books now and have enjoyed every single one of them. Yes there is a hierarchy amongst her books but more importantly, collectively I adore her books. And her latest was another reason to start this lyrical gushing. 

Transcription is a fantastic book. Historical fiction at its finest. The story starts with our leading lady Juliet being recruited into the British secret service during WWII, her job, to transcribe the undercover meetings of agents with Nazi sympathisers. The war ends and we meet Juliet later in life working for the BBC, it’s here that her past and what went on during the war catches up with her. The pace and plot are both so superb that you end up devouring the book in a blink of an eye. And so often with Atkinson’s books you are left thinking over everything you’ve just read. Her writing is all consuming, you’ll find yourself carrying it into the kitchen when you go to make a cup of tea. You truly don’t want to put it down. A writer that can evoke a need to know - be it, who dunnit, what happens, does she get on the train that sort of thing - has nailed a good story on the head. I personally enjoy feeling a little anxious about how it all ends, trying to frantically piece it together in my head before the story tells me. Again it goes back to satisfaction, I don’t necessarily need a tidy ending but I do want to feel satisfied by the story I’ve just consumed. 


I also believe that Transcription is the perfect book to kick off your Autumn Reading. There’s something about it that feels new and fresh with an underlying sense of familiarity. The feeling of going back to school never seems to leave you no matter how old you get.

So let me know how you get on... Happy reading