Seasonal Shift

I have to say I’m really rather enjoying the slow slip into autumn. I’m ready for the new season but there is something so magical about the transition. Winter into Spring is less clear, especially after all the snow we had this year, and Spring into Summer gets a little blurred because one nice day weather wise and we are all picnics and flip flops. This time of year, on the other hand is more of a tease. We still have the beautiful sunny days but the heat doesn’t linger and we are still enjoying the abundance of produce that the garden has given us, so you might miss it if you don’t look up. 


We went for a stroll at golden hour on Monday and the setting sun made everything look golden. A definitive colour of the coming season. The fields have been ploughed and are awaiting their next task. All signs of the next chapter. It was gorgeous, sitting on the shore listening to the waves and enjoying all the colours painted across the sky. There are some stunning sunsets at this time of year as well. All to be savoured.  


I mentioned in my last post how September feels like the unofficial new year, as a child it is the start of a whole new chapter and it’s hard to forget that back to school feeling no matter how old you grow. A little anticipation has to be thrown in for good measure, who remembers being put in new form groups not knowing which of your friends would be in it?! So with all that in mind I’m taking the time to think a new and get my hands dirty on some ideas I’ve been procrastinating on. Oh and to help I’ve bought myself a fancy new diary/notebook. Not that it’s all about stationery but really it is all about the stationery. 



So if there’s something you’ve been putting off, I throughly recommend putting a little time aside to think on it new and come at it from a fresh angle. Whatever it may be, this is a chance to wipe the slate clean and start dreaming again. A new notebook ought to help as well. Only joking (not really). But also remember to get out there and enjoy the seasonal shift, watch the greens turn golden and enjoy those sunsets. And remember to breathe.